Frequently Asked Questions
FAQs accommodation
FAQs reservations

I want to make an accommodation reservation online. Can I choose a different plan for each day?

You cannot choose more than one plan for a multiple day stay in an Internet reservation.
Reserve each day separately and explain that they are part of a multi-day stay in the “Inquiries” section.

I made a reservation, but I didn't receive a confirmation e-mail.

A confirmation e-mail is usually sent right after you have completed your reservation. If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail, it may be the result of a communication error or a mistake in the e-mail address you entered. Contact us by telephone for a solution. Toll-free reservation number 0120-940-489 (available 9:00 – 18:00)

How much is the cancellation fee?

For fewer than 5 rooms: 20% if cancellation is made at least 7 days prior to your scheduled stay, 30% if 3 days prior, 80% if 1 day prior, 100% on the day or if you cancel without prior contact. For details, refer to the accommodation agreement. To cancel a reservation made through a travel agency, contact the agency.

FAQs accommodation
FAQs check-in and check-out

When is check-in and check-out?

Check-in starts from 14:00. Check-out is at 10:00.
For guests who stays at Premium class, check-out is at 11:00.

FAQs accommodation
FAQs luggage

Can I leave my luggage at the front desk?

We will hold your luggage. Please ask at the front desk.
You can leave luggage with us before or after check-in while you go sightseeing.

Is there a luggage delivery service?

Luggage delivery services are provided by the Yunomachi store. Please inquire directly at the store.
Opening hours:
Weekdays: 8:00 – 11:00/14:00 – 22:00
Sundays and holidays: 8:00 – 22:00

FAQs accommodation
FAQs pickup and drop-off

Is there a shuttle bus service available?

Non-stop shuttle bus is out of service. Please take public bus services.
Check travel information for details.
Thank you for your understanding.

FAQs facilities
FAQs The Grand Bath

How late is The Grand Bath open?

The Grand Bath is normally open 24 hours a day.
However, the open-air bath, sauna, and steam bath are closed from 24:00 to 5:00.

Can I use The Grand Bath before and after check-in?

Guests of Dai-ichi Takimotokan can use The Grand Bath and pool for free both before check-in and after check-out.
However, guest rooms can only be used until check-out time.
Any large luggage can be left at the front desk.

Is there a place to store valuables in The Grand Bath?

There are small lockers available for free in The Grand Bath changing rooms.
Please keep room keys, watches, glasses, accessories, and other valuables in these lockers.

What amenities are available in The Grand Bath?

There are many amenities available in The Grand Bath.
In the bath washing area:
Shampoo / conditioner / body soap / face soap / peeling gel (women’s bath only)
In the changing room:
Hair dryers / cotton swab / toothbrush / hairbrush / lotion
emulsion (women’s bath only) / hair tonic, razor (men’s bath only)
Hand sanitizer is available at the changing room.

Can I enter the hot springs with an infant?

The decision to take an infant into the hot springs is left to the parent or guardian. However, we ask that you note the following.
1 Typically, infants 7 months and older who can sit up unassisted can enter with no problems.
2 You should ask your doctor if there are any possible health concerns.
3 It is recommended that you choose a relatively mild bath.
*The Salt Spring and Alkaline Spring baths are very mild. Avoid baths marked as “hot”. (No mention of alkaline in spring/baths description)
*The water in all baths is from the same hot springs. After bathing, rinse off in the post-bath shower.
4 Avoid long baths.
5 Properly hydrate after bathing.

Can I enter the hot springs while pregnant?

In “The Guidelines for Analysis of Kosen (Fluid-Type Hot Springs),” revised in July 2014, bathing in hot springs during pregnancy (especially early and late pregnancy) has been removed from the list of contraindications.
If your doctor examines you and finds no issues, feel free to enjoy the hot springs as long as you avoid long tiring baths and falling in the bath room.

Is there a family bath or a private bath?

There is no family bath or private bath. People of any gender can enter the pool, the attached jacuzzi, and the adjoining open air jacuzzi together while wearing swimsuits.
(To prevent accidents, the open-air jacuzzi is closed in the winter from early November until the snow thaws in April.)

Can I drink alcohol in the open-air bath?

You can purchase draft beer, sake, soft drinks, and other beverages in the open-air bath.
Bar opening hours: 15:30 – 20:20 (We ask that guests do not bring their own beverages from outside.)

Are there barrier-free baths?

Unfortunately, The Grand Bath is not a barrier-free design. However, wheelchairs for use in the bathroom and bath chairs with backrests are available. Please request them from the changing room staff. 

In barrier-free guest rooms, the bath is designed for easy entry compared with other guest rooms.

Where is the open-air jacuzzi?

The open-air jacuzzi can be accessed from the pool floor.
Opening hours: 9:00 – 22:00
To prevent accidents, the open-air jacuzzi is closed in the winter from early November until the snow thaws in April.

FAQs facilities
FAQs the pool

Is there a pool?

There is a heated pool. Guests and day visitors can use it free of charge. Opening hours: 9:00 – 22:00
In addition to the 25 meters long, 1 meter deep pool, there is also a 50 cm deep children’s pool and water slide.
*Only enter the pool after changing into a swimsuit in the changing room.

Are swimsuits and swimming rings available for rental?

Swimsuits and swimming rings can be rented for a fee at the front desk on the Grand Bath floor.
Swimsuit rental prices
・Women: Sizes 9 – 17 (U.S.: small to X-large) 990 yen (tax inclusive) ・Girls: 550 yen (tax inclusive)
・Men: Sizes M – 4L (U.S.: small to X-large) 770 yen (tax inclusive) ・Boys: 550 yen (tax inclusive)
Swimming ring rental prices
550 yen (tax inclusive)
*Swimming rings are available in sizes with children in mind.
*An air pump is available at the counter.

Is there a swimsuit dryer?

In the men’s bath, there is a swimsuit dryer in front of the Grand Bath entrance. In the women’s bath, there is one located in the changing room.

FAQs facilities
FAQs the beauty salon and massage

Is there an aesthetic salon?

Yes. Our aesthetic salon is called “le Celebisu”.
Make a reservation on the day starting at 15:00 at the “le Celebisu” front counter, or by calling extension “1142”.

FAQs facilities
FAQs telephone

Can I make outside calls from the phone in my room?

No. Internal calls in the hotel only from your in-room phone.
However, here is a public telephone in the lobby in the Main Building that can be used for making domestic calls. *International calls are not available.

FAQs facilities
FAQs Internet access

Can I connect to the Internet?

We provide Wi-Fi (public wireless LAN) in all guest rooms, and in the Main Building Lobby and Ideyu Banquet Hall on 4F.
Note: We take no responsibility for any issues that may arise from using the Wi-Fi.

FAQs facilities
FAQs recreation equipment

FAQ recreation equipment

Mahjong, Go, Shogi, and Bingo sets are available. Please ask guest room staff if you require a set. 
Price ・Low table Mahjong: 3,080 yen (tax inclusive)
* Not automatic.
・Go/Shogi 1,100 yen (tax inclusive)
・Bingo (manual) 1,650 yen (tax inclusive)
・Bingo (automatic) 3,850 yen (tax inclusive)
* Bingo comes with bingo cards.

FAQs facilities
FAQs banquet/meeting supplies

Can I hang a banner with my company’s name over the stage during a banquet?

Please tell us the name of your company, and we will prepare a banner between 4 and 5 meters long, depending on the size of the banquet hall, for 3,300 yen (tax inclusive).

What equipment can you provide for meetings.

Projector rental ¥ 22,000  (tax inclusive)
Screen rental (free)
TV or DVD installation 5,500 yen (tax inclusive)
As the equipment is available in limited quantities, please contact us as soon as possible.

FAQs facilities
FAQs refrigerator beverages and vending machines

Is there a refrigerator in my room?

There is a refrigerator in each room.
Minibar in Premium room is free of charge.

Are there vending machines available?

You can purchase soft drinks and alcohol from the vending machines in the arcade in the Main Building 1F.
You can also purchase soft drinks from the vending machines in the Main Building B1, South Building 1F, and West Building 1F.
You can purchase cigarettes from vending machines in the Front Lobby smoking room.

FAQs facilities
FAQs parking

Is there car parking?

We offer free parking. (Reservation not required.)
When you arrive, bring your car to the front of the hotel. You will either be taken to the tower car park or the outdoor parking lot depending on the size of your car. Guests are responsible for parking their own cars.

Is disabled parking available?

Yes. There are parking spaces reserved near the front entrance. We ask you tell us the make and model of your vehicle when you make your reservation.
If the disabled parking is full, we will show you to the most convenient space available.

Can I use the parking lot before and after check-in?


FAQs facilities
FAQs guest rooms

Are there guest rooms available with open-air baths?

There are no guest rooms available with open-air baths, but there is Premium onsen rooms at West Building.

Are there non-smoking rooms?

All rooms are non-smoking room.
Please use smoking room at Reception, Group Lounge, 3rd floor in Main Building, 1st floor in West Building and 1st floor in Kasui Banquet Building.

Are there cleansing units on the guest room toilets?

Every guest room toilet has an attached cleansing unit.
* Some of the toilets in the public area restrooms also have cleansing units.

Is hot spring water used in the guest room bathtubs?

There are Premium onsen rooms at West Building. All guest rooms use heated water.

What amenities and appliances are available in the guest rooms?

There are many amenities available. Please check amenities with your room type.
Available at all rooms:
Yukata (light kimono), jinbaori (yukata overcoat), setta (leather-soled sandals), slippers, tea, hair dryer, deodorizing spray

What are appliances are available in the guest rooms?

Heating/cooling units, flat-screen TV, safe, refrigerator, humidifier/air purifier, toilet with cleansing unit

FAQs meals
FAQs breakfast

What time is breakfast?

Breakfast is served from 7:00 to 9:00. (Times are subject to change depending on the season.)
Type of breakfast is differ from package. Please confirm with your booking details.

FAQs meals
FAQs dinner

Is there a set dinner time?

– Yunosato restaurant/In-room dining
You can order dinner to be served between 18:00 and 19:30.
We may not be able to serve guests who start dinner after 19:30. If you plan on coming to the hotel after 19:30, ask about dinner at the time of your reservation.
– Restaurant buffet
Dinner is usually served from 18:00 to 20:00, but times may change depending on the number of seats available.
We can prepare a seat and meal time for you in keeping with your planned arrival time. Feel free to make a request.

Will the same dinner be served every day if I stay multiple nights?

We change the menu of the Japanese kaiseki meal every day for guests staying multiple nights, no matter which plan you choose.
The buffet menu does not change every day, but starting from the second night of your stay, you can select a delicious extra dish with your meal.

Is in-room dining available in Accessible Suite rooms?

In-room dining is not available in any room, including Accessible Suite rooms, in the West Building. 
Depending on the number in your party, you can dine in a small banquet hall. Please feel free to make a request when making your reservation. Toll-free reservation number 0120-940-489 (available 9:00 – 18:00)

Can I change my meal if I have allergies or if I am vegetarian?

For guests with allergies, we change the menus of the Japanese kaiseki and children’s meals. Please notify us beforehand.
For changes for religious or preferential reasons, the extent to which we can accommodate requests varies, so please ask about your meal requirements in advance.
For buffet dining, seven specific ingredients (egg, wheat, dairy, shrimp, crab, buckwheat, peanut) are indicated by icons on the menu cards of the foods that contain them.

Are the seats of the buffet fixed?

Seats must be reserved for dinner. We will prepare a seat and meal time for you in keeping with your planned arrival time.
For guests staying in multiple rooms, we can provide group seating. Group seating can be provided even for guests who made separate reservations. Please notify us beforehand.
Seating at breakfast is unreserved.

FAQs services
FAQs valuables

Can I use the safe in my room?

Every guest room is equipped with a free safe. There are also small lockers available for free in The Grand Bath changing rooms.
Every guest room is equipped with a free safe.

Is there also a place to store valuables in The Grand Bath?

There are small lockers available for free in The Grand Bath changing rooms.
Please keep room keys, watches, glasses, accessories, and other valuables in these lockers.

FAQs services
FAQs payment

When do I pay?

You must pay before or at the time you check-out. Some Internet reservations require advance payment by credit card.
If you wish to make advance payment for a guest, we require that you pay in person before their stay or by bank transfer.
Bank account information: Ordinary savings account # 102702, Muroran Chuo Branch, Hokuyo Bank

What time do I pay?

Please pay between 7:00 and 10:00 a.m. The front desk will be very crowded around 10:00. If you pay early, you can take it easy until check-out.

Can I pay using any credit card?

You can use the following cards.
VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, Diners Club, JCB, UnionPay,
WeChatpay, Alipay, PayPay, d-pay, auPAY, LINEPAY, J-Debit, QUICPay,
Rakuten edy, iD, nanaco, waon, Transportation IC card

Can I use recreational vouchers?

You can use vouchers issued by the following recreational facilities that have contracts with us. Please hand them in during check-in at the front desk. 

Please inquire about vouchers not listed below and information on recreational contracts by phone. (Reservation Center 0120-940-489. Hours: 9:00 – 18:00)
• Hokkaido Public School Teachers’ Mutual Aid Society
• Hokkaido Mutual Aid Association of Municipal Personnel
• Hokkaido Harbor Welfare Society
• Hokkaido City Personnel Mutual Aid Association
• Japan Construction Trade Union Confederation National Health Insurance Society
• Kowa Damage Insurance Association
• Sowel Club (Social Welfare Corporation Welfare Center)
•Doushin Bunbun Club (Only for Day visitors)
(As of May 2022)

Can I use gift vouchers?

You can use Dai-chi Takimotokan gift vouchers, JTB Nice Gift cards, JCB gift cards, UFJ NICOS cards, VISA gift cards, UC gift cards and Nissenren gift cards. 

A JTB Nice Trip can only be used when making reservations or payment through the JTB window.

FAQs services
FAQs day visits to The Grand Bath

Are there days when The Grand Bath is closed?

The Grand Bath has no regular closed days.
When the hotel or The Grand Bath are closed for inspection or another reason, it will be announced in advance on our website.

What are The Grand Bath prices and hours?

Opening hours: 9:00 – 21:00 (last entry 18:00)
*The day visitor entrance is locked at 24:00.
There is no pickup or drop-off service available for day visitors.

Is a reservation required for a day visit to The Grand Bath?

No reservation is required.
However, please note that your visit may coincide with the days some restaurants are closed. (Not all restaurants will be closed on the same day.)

Is there a lounge available for day visitors?

From 9:00 to 16:00, private room for day visitors are available at day visitors entrance. (non-smoking)
Click here for details.

Is there a place to eat lunch in the hotel?

The soba restaurant Ideyu-soba and the ramen restaurant Takeroku-ramen are located on Main Building B1.

Beverages and light meals are available the Hanamasu Lounge in the front lobby

Sandwiches and coffees are available adex cafe in front of Takimotokan.

Can day visitors bring food and beverages with them?

Day visitors can bring food and beverages with them. Feel free to eat in private room for day visitors or Okanabo common room.

FAQs services
FAQs yukata

Are large yukata available?

Extra-large yukata and Setta (sandals) are available. They will be prepared in a basket as needed for guests at check-in.

Are children's yukata available ?

Yukatas are available in child sizes S/M/L.
They will be prepared around the front desk.

FAQs services
FAQs pets

Do you have any dog-friendly guest rooms?

We have six rooms available for stays with small- to medium-sized dogs (up to 15 kg). Please indicate when making your reservation that you want to stay in a room with your dog. (Dogs cannot stay in other guest rooms.)
At minimum your dog must have had a rabies vaccination and a 5-mix vaccination within the past year, and must be taken through the hotel in a pet carry case.
Please call for more information. Toll-free reservation number 0120-940-489 (Available 9:00 – 18:00)
If the dog-friendly rooms are full, we will give you information about a nearby pet hotel for dogs (about 15 minutes away).
Please feel free to ask for more information.

Can I eat in the room with my dog?

We don’t provide in-room dining in the dog-friendly rooms. Please dine in Yunosato or the Buffet restaurants while your dog stays in the room.

Please call for more information. Toll-free reservation number 0120-940-489 (Available 9:00 – 18:00)

Is it possible to accommodate pets other than dogs?

Admission of pets other than dogs is strictly prohibited.
We are happy to introduce you to a pet hotel about 15 minutes from Dai-ichi Takimotokan by car.
Please feel free to inquire for details.
Toll-free reservation number 0120-940-489 (available 9:00 – 18:00).

FAQs services
FAQs the surrounding area

Are there places to go sightseeing nearby?

For information on sightseeing in the area, see the Noboribetsu Tourism Association website.

When is the best time to see the cherry blossoms?

The best time to see cherry blossoms is mid-May, the best time to see the fall colours is between mid-October and early November, and snow falls from December to March.* Depending on the climate conditions, the viewing period may vary from year to year.
For information on sightseeing in the area, see the Noboribetsu Tourism Association website.

FAQs services
FAQs wheelchairs

Are wheelchairs available for rental?

There are several wheelchairs available at the front desk. They can be used free of charge. Feel free to request one.
There are also dedicated wheelchairs available in The Grand Bath changing rooms so that guests using wheelchairs can bathe without concern.

FAQs services
FAQs gift vouchers

Do you sell gift and day trip vouchers?

We sell convenient 1,000 yen and 5,000 yen gift vouchers that can be used for room reservations, in-hotel use, and day trip baths. We also sell 2,250 yen vouchers for day trip baths. There is no time limit on the voucher’s use. 

You can buy them at the front desk or our online shop.

FAQs services
Other FAQs

Is there any bars?

There are bars at Main building B1. There are also available Karaoke room.Click here for details.

Can I request a guide?

You can request a guide when making your reservation. Guides are typically available for parties of 2 or more. 120 min per guide, 13,200 yen (tax inclusive). 30 minute extensions for 3,300 yen per guide (tax inclusive). 

Is there a Special Set available for celebrations (60th birthdays, etc.)

There are several special sets available. 
In addition to a 60th birthday celebration set (chanchanko (kimono jacket), zabuton (seat cushion), etc.), there are special zabutons available for free for 88th and 90th birthday celebrations. 
If you are staying at the hotel for a celebration, please feel free to make a request when making your reservation.

Can you arrange celebration cakes and bouquets?

We can take orders for special cakes and bouquets 4 days ahead of the delivery date.
Please click here for details.

Is there a laundry room or cleaning service available?

There is no laundry room or cleaning service.

Are there barrier-free toilets?

There are two barrier-free toilets: in the front lobby (next to the tea lounge), and on the 4th floor of the Kasui Banquet Hall building.

Are there accommodation vouchers for sale as a present?

We will prepare vouchers as requested. 

The price will varies depending on the number of guests, the plan, and the period of use. Please feel free to ask for details. Toll-free reservation number 0120-940-489 (available 9:00 – 18:00)

FAQs lost items
About lost items

Where do I call about lost items?

On the email form, write your name, contact information, date of accommodation (date of check-in), room number, and details about your lost items.
If you do not recall your room number, write the name of the person or organization who made the reservation.
Inquiries in English can only be made by email.

How can I retrieve my lost item once it has been found?

If you are staying nearby:
We will give it to you directly at the front desk on a later date.
If you are in Japan:
We will send it to you by Japan Post Yu-Pack C.O.D.
If you are in another country:
Your item cannot be sent to you C.O.D. Therefore, we ask that you transfer the cost for shipping to us (by registered mail) before we send it. However, wallets, valuables (precious metals and some cosmetics), dangerous items, and other such items cannot be shipped. We ask for your understanding.

How long will you hold my lost items?

Lost items are usually held for a maximum of 3 months.
However, food, including souvenirs, may be disposed of as we see fit for safety purposes. We ask for your understanding.