2018 Christmas Fair Announcement

We are happy to announce that our Christmas Fair will be held from Friday, November 23 through Tuesday, December 25.

The fair will be held in our buffet dining rooms, Genshirin and Yukiguni. Following are some of the delicious and delightful items that will be on the menu during the Christmas Fair.

Roast Beef
Chicken Tulip Grill
Hokkaido Stew
Scallop Miso Tart
Awayuki Pudding
Couverture Chocolate
Raspberry Sponge Cake

We will also have these special beverages available for you to enjoy!

The sake will be Dassai Junmai Daiginjo 50. It is 540 yen for a glass and 4,860 yen for a bottle.

We will also have sparkling wine available, Yellowglen Botanics Pinot Noir Chardonnay for 540 yen a glass.

Our shochu for the Christmas Fair will be Koganeno no Tomin, a potato shochu, for 540 yen a glass and 3,240 yen a bottle.

This year’s special Christmas Fair cocktail, Apple Tree, will be available at Yunosato. It is 540 yen, and will certainly help make your holidays merry!

Please come and enjoy these scrumptious food and beverage pairings created especially for this holiday. We also have some lovely plans available during the Christmas Fair that include a glass of your choice. Please make a reservation and come celebrate with us! We look forward to seeing you here.