Autumn Dining: Introducing Aji-jiman Ramen

Autumn is well underway in Noboribetsu Onsen, and so we think it is a perfect time to introduce another of our restaurants: Aji-jiman Ramen. There is almost nothing better than a steaming bowl of ramen on a chilly day. Pair that with a trip to our baths, and a perfect day is made!

Aji-jiman Ramen has been serving steaming bowls of noodles to customers at Dai-ichi Takimotokan for 61 years. Currently, the second generation of the family is running the store, and we are so pleased to have them with us. Like Ideyu Soba, the focus is on noodles. These noodles, though, are wheat-based and almost always in a hot broth. While all of the ramen at Aji-jiman is excellent, their miso ramen is perhaps one of the best.

Regular and Spicy Miso Ramen

It is served two ways – regular and spicy – and both are wonderful. The spicy one has a red color to it, while the regular is a warm gold. Each one uses Hokkaido miso carefully selected by the ramen master who combines it with his special broth.

The ramen master and his staff also carefully researched and chose noodles that maintain the perfect texture throughout the meal while balancing with the taste of the soup. Ground pork seasoned hints of ginger and thinly sliced long onion rest on top and make for a delicious bowl every time.
Both the regular and the spicy miso ramen are 850 yen, including tax.

Chashu Ramen

Another favorite is the Chashu (Pork Belly) Ramen. Three perfect slices of slow-cooked pork belly rest in a soy sauce, miso, or salt-based broth. Guests can choose the broth they prefer. It is worth noting that this is a little bit of a specialty for Sapporo, Asahikawa, and Hakodate. Most ramen shops focus on only one kind of broth base, but in Hokkaido we like a bit of variety.
The Chashu Ramen is 1,200 yen, including tax.

Gyoza (Boiled Pot Stickers)

One of Aji-jiman Ramen’s favored side dishes are their handmade gyoza. Made fresh each day, these steamed pot stickers can be served up with a dipping sauce on the side that combines soy sauce, vinegar, and spicy oil. They are a staff favorite, and while we are surprised at how many of our guests arrive and make a special plan to eat these during their stay, we definitely understand why. They are just amazing.
A plate of five gyoza is 500 yen, including tax.

Aji-jiman Ramen also offers a number of other types of ramen and interesting side dishes. Take a look at the full Aji-jiman Ramen menu and see what delicious temptations to have when you come visit us!

Aji-jiman Ramen
Lunch 11:30 – 14:00
(Last order 13:30)
Dinner 20:30 – 24:00
(Last order 23:45)
Closed on various days*
*Please check with our staff to find out the schedule.

Main Building, B1F