Christmas Fair 2019 Menu Ready!

As the months progress toward winter, the temperatures are dropping, and Hell Valley is filled with brilliant color. Yukimushi, tiny white flies that signal the first snow is on its way, are everywhere. As a result, we are excited to announce the 2019 Takimoto Christmas Fair!

The Takimoto Christmas Fair 2019 will run from Saturday, November 23 through Wednesday, December 25.

We have created limited time menus and drinks for the holiday season for Genshirin/Yukiguni, our buffet restaurant.

Jamón Serrano and Hokkaido Salmon Terrine

Serrano Ham is a dry-cured Spanish ham served in thin slices that melt in your mouth. Considered one of the world’s three greatest hams, it has a mature, salty flavor. Sliced while you wait, it is indeed a special treat. Together with our Hokkaido Terrine, a French-style pate made with local salmon, you can sip your favorite wine.

Teriyaki Chicken Wings

This festive chicken dish uses teriyaki sauce for a flavorful punch that also brings bright color to the table. A little sweet and a little spicy, the meat is delightfully tender.

Strawberry Mousse, Couverture Chocolate, and Apple Chiboust

This merry trio of desserts is the perfect finish for any holiday table. The Strawberry Mousse is a charming little dish that incorporates tapioca for firmer texture and is topped with a chocolate star. The festive Couverture Chocolate is a classic roll cake that perfectly combines rich chocolate cream with light-as-a-feather cake for a magical combination. The Apple Chiboust is served in a tiny tart crust with a layer of Chiboust cream that is something akin to custard or Italian meringue and topped with carmelized brown sugar. We added a tiny bites of apple, yogurt, and blueberries for a fresh, sweet taste at the end of the meal.

There are also a handful of drinks that pair well with this special menu.

Simmonnet Febvre Cremant de Bourgogne

This sparkling wine has a fruity scent with hints of almond. Made using a blend of grape varieties from the Bourgogne region of France, it has the power of a Chardonnay with the nuance of a Pinot Noir.*

*This wine can also be enjoyed our modern kaiseki restaurant, Yunosato.


A sparkling sake reminiscent of Muscat with a slightly sweet and sour flavor profile. At an easy 5-percent alcohol content, it is a perfect drink for celebratory toasts.


Made from Kogane Sengan, a Hokkaido sweet potato, we like to say this is a homegrown shochu. The mellow flavor makes it a smooth drink to share with friends and family.

We love the bright, holiday look of this tall glass of rich Hokkaido milk and crushed strawberries. Stir from the bottom of the glass to thoroughly combine the flavors and enjoy this non-alcoholic taste of the season!

Our limited plan allows you to choose one of the drinks featured above with our 2019 Takimoto Christmas Fair menu. You may also choose from menus for Yunosato, our modern kaiseki restaurant, in-room dining, or the buffet plan featuring the 2019 Takimoto Christmas Fair menu.

Guests spending the day in our baths may also enjoy our special holiday menu!

During the 2019 Takimoto Christmas Fair, you will also receive a limited-edition Takimaru postcard in this year’s unique design for each purchase at Yunomachi, our souvenir shop.

We look forward to celebrating this very special time of year with you!