Enjoy Cuisine from Vietnam and Myanmar at Dai-ichi Takimotokan!

Starting Wednesday, January 8, 2020, we will feature some exciting new flavors from Vietnam and Myanmar at the buffet at Dai-ichi Takimotokan. Come sample these unique flavors and seasonings that match the Japanese sense of taste and are a thrilling addition to our menu. We think they are a delightful balance to a Hokkaido winter visit to our onsen resort!

The buffet at Dai-ichi Takimotokan usually features a combination of Western and Japanese dishes. However, starting on January 8, 2020, we will begin to include dishes from Vietnam and Myanmar, too! With featured ingredients from Hokkaido or elsewhere in Japan, you can now enjoy a fusion of Japanese and Asian tastes.

Following are a sampling of the dishes we plan to feature in our buffet. While these dishes are not as well-known as Thailand’s Tom Yum, for example, they still balance well with Japanese taste. There will be four dishes from Vietnam and three from Myanmar for a lucky seven new items to enjoy! All are prepared by chefs trained for more than ten years in each country. They are very excited to share their skills and the flavors of these wonderful cuisines with our guests. We will introduce one recommended dish from each cuisine for you to try when you visit.

The first is a Vietnamese spring roll which uses rice paper. This spring roll, though, is a bit different than the usual fresh rolls as the rice paper wrapping is fried. This gives it a delicate golden color and a nice crisp texture. Inside are pork, vegetables, and eggs from Hokkaido that pair well with the chili dipping sauce.

The second dish is from Myanmar and combines tender pieces of fried Hokkaido pork with onions cooked enough to draw out their sweetness, and then mixed with ginger, garlic, and the seasoning nam pla or fish sauce, to deepen the taste.

Our chefs use Hokkaido ingredients as well as those sourced elsewhere in Japan to recreate the unique flavors of both of these countries for your dining pleasure. Each dish offers a fresh taste combination that is a most enjoyable and exquisite dining experience. We hope you will come visit us in Hokkaido this winter and try both of these dishes as well as the other Vietnamese and Myanmar delights we have prepared!