Introducing Our Special Spring Menu

Mornings and evenings are still cold, but even here in Noboribetsu Onsen we can feel hints of spring. Now, we have prepared a spectacular meal that brings spring inside our hotel even as Hokkaido waits for it to appear outdoors. It is especially nice for those dining in our rooms as the snow and wind continue outside.

Now, we will introduce Takimoto Gozen.

Here is one recommended dish: Hanami Chirashi.

This cheerful sushi dish feels like spring with the brightly colored salmon roe, pink tinged lotus root slices, and golden egg topped with sprigs of kogomi (ostrich fern heads). The last, a sansai or mountain vegetable, is one of the quintessential signs and tastes of spring. Traditionally foraged from forests in earliest spring, it is a harbinger of warmer days and brighter skies to come. While enjoying these delicious flavors, you will feel the joy of cherry blossom viewing that lies ahead.

Here is a second dish we recommend that looks like a present from nature!

When you open it, you will find…

….Ezo Abalone wrapped and baked in magnolia leaves! Ezo is Hokkaido’s early name given to this land by the Ainu, the island’s native people. Ezo Abalone is small, which means it has incredible umami and flavor. Please enjoy it with Kenchin, a special sauce made with finely chopped vegetables and tofu. Based on Buddhist cuisine brought to Japan by Chinese monks, it is said to originate at a temple in Kamakura of the same name. It is also flavored by Kinome miso. Kinome is the bud of the Japanese pepper tree, and this miso is made by stirring the buds with the miso over a low heat. It will leave you with a refreshing aftertaste.

The other dishes include Tokachi Beef Steak and Okhotsk Crab, two of our favorite foods from our home here in Hokkaido. We look forward to preparing these delicious meals for you and sharing the pleasures of the season!

Dai-ichi Takimotokan Spring Menu
Available until May 31, 2019
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