Introducing refurbished rooms in Main Building

This April, we are introducing two different room types in the Main building which have been refurbished with an authentic Japanese decoration style.

1. Deluxe Twin Bed Main Building

With a feeling of Japanese elegance in the room when you enter the room, you can see tatami floor and Tokono-ma which is the Japanese traditional decoration.
To enhance relaxation, there is a small but comfy sofa area besides window for enjoying the four seasons scenery within a Japanese atmosphere.

Twin beds are Simmons Beautyrest mattresses which are a recognized high quality trusted, proven. It helps for your luxurious sleep.

2.Deluxe Japanese Garden View Main Building

When you travel with family or group of friends, Deluxe Japanese-style Garden View Main Building is a good option.
Room size is bigger than other Japanese rooms, and so fits up to 5 persons. Also, this room has comfy sofa area besides window same as Deluxe Twin Bed Main Building.
The sofa area is the perfect place to enjoy with company.

Futon mattress is famous and typical Japanese culture . For that extra hint of luxury, the futon mattress is thicker for additional support for your body.
We prepare futon mattress on tatami floor for you with our original folded pillow.
What’s a folded pillow? You can customize pillow height and filler for your preference.  Check detail!(Japanese only)


These new room types will open from 26 April 2024. In Noboribetsu, the end of April to mid- May is a best season to enjoy Sakura cherry blossoms. It is also, the early start to the summer months hiking season.
We are looking forward to welcoming you soon.

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