Introducing the Spring Kaiseki Menu

The first signs of spring have begun to appear beneath the snow here in Noboribetsu, and so we will introduce a Japanese-style banquet table that includes our favorite tastes of the season. From March 1 through May, the tables here at Dai-ichi Takimotokan will be full of spring.

From both our Exclusive Kaiseki Dinner and Yunosato Deluxe Kaiseki Dinner Menus we will describe one of our most recommended dishes for the season.

For visitors who reserve our in-room dining kaiseki meal, the Exclusive Kaiseki Dinner, which is full of luxurious delights from appetizers to desserts such as Okhotsk crab and Tokachi beef, we recommend Thornyhead rockfish grilled with kinome miso.

The thornyhead rockfish is baked to take advantage of its rich oils but keep its clean aftertaste. The mantis shrimp are also a spring favorite.

Please reserve the Exclusive Kaiseki Dinner plan here.


The next item is from the Deluxe Kaiseki Dinner served in Dai-ichi Takimotokan’s kaiseki restaurant, Yunosato.

The dish we would like to highlight is the Aisai-style sansho pepper hotpot, which uses our sodium hot spring drinking water as a base for the broth.

The sodium hot spring water is always used as the base of dishes named Aisai. These are named in honor of our founder, Kinzo Takimoto, who built this hot spring for the health of his beloved wife. This dish then offers the finest taste of Tokachi herbed beef grown with 17 kinds of herbs, and seasonal seafood in a peppery soup.

Please reserve the Yunosato Deluxe Kaiseki Dinner plan here.


Please join us for a blissful stay at Dai-ichi Takimotokan and enjoy our seasonal cuisine. Take a look at our selection of room meal plans, Yunosato plans, and other buffet meal plans and find something of the season to delight you.