Introduction of the Hot Spring Baths at Takimotokan Part 1: The Sulphur Hot Spring Baths

There are ten types of hot spring sources in Japan, and Noboribetsu Onsen in Hokkaido is home to nine of those. That fact by itself is wonderful, but at Takimotokan, you can experience five of those types in our large public bath!

Takimotokan is a ryokan with the largest number of the different hot spring types in Noboribetsu Onsen. Our 35 baths for both men and women do not circulate the same hot spring water between them, but each one is sourced directly from the original spring in nearby Jigokudani (Hell Valley). (The temperature of the water as it comes from the natural hot spring is quite high, so some water is added to adjust the temperature for bathing.) There are so many bathtubs that you may be wondering how to choose which one to get in!

To help you decide, we will introduce our Sulphur Hot Spring Baths, which are very popular and have the largest number of bathtubs. The Sulphur Hot Spring Baths can be enjoyed as open-air baths, lie-down baths, and hot spring waterfalls. The temperature varies depending on the bath.

Like all hot springs, the Sulphur Hot Spring Baths help with coldness and recovery from fatigue, but they also promote blood circulation and are said to relieve the hardening of the arteries and reduce hypertension. The high acidity of the baths is also believed to be effective in the treatment of chronic skin diseases such as psoriasis and dermatitis.

The open-air Sulphur Hot Spring Bath can be taken even on a day of a snowstorm as the heat and minerals protect your body from the cold. The hot spring waterfall, which is about four meters high, is a unique feature of the baths at Takimotokan.

Our next post will explain more about other types of hot spring baths you can find here at Takimotokan, so please check it out. We hope that during your visit to Takimotokan you find a bath that is the best temperature and type for your mood, your body, and your health.

We look forward to seeing you here with us and sharing our wonderful baths with you!

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