Moon Viewing Report

The night sky in Noboribestu Onsen is especially lovely in the autumn, so this season at Dai-ichi Takimotokan is one of our favorite times. Otsukimi (Moon Viewing) is particularly nice this time of year, too. The mid-autumn or Harvest Moon in September signals that the season has changed here in Hokkaido. You can even see it from the onsen baths at our ryokan!

This year, preparations for the full moon occurred on September 13. In celebration, we placed a special flower arrangement that includes susuki (Japanese pamapas grass), one of the seven flowers of autumn, in our newly remodeled lobby.

Next to it is a display of Otsukimi dango (sweet, rice dumplings) that was almost as tall as the flowers!

The Otsukimi dango looks like the full moon and are called the Yunoka Onsen Manju. They have sweet red bean paste inside, which looks like white Onsen Manju. It is made in celebration of the Moon Viewing and was offered to customers who stayed with us on September 13. The hot spring manju guests usually find is dough made with brown sugar. However, the moist white dough of the Otsukimi dango enhances the sweetness of the bean paste.

This was the first Harvest moon of the Reiwa Era. The moon was so bright that the night sky seemed as blue as the daytime. It was particularly dazzling as it hung in the sky over Hell Valley.

Here is the moon again over the mountains to the west of Dai-ichi Takimotokan. You can see the lights of our ryokan in the lower left of the photo. We hope our guests who were with us on these days enjoyed this spectacular view, too!