Noboribetsu’s Natural Onsen Foot Bath

The cold has arrived here in Noboribetsu. You will enjoy wearing warm clothes when you come and stay!

We would like to tell you about Noboribetsu’s Natural Onsen Foot Bath.

The foot bath is located about a ten minute walk from Dai-ichi Takimotokan. The walk is lovely, and the scenery passes in a flash.

As soon as you step on the boardwalk, you will see the hot spring water flowing alongside. It smells very nice and puts everyone at ease.

When you see the people wading below in the warm water, you know you have arrived.

There are many people from all over the world here enjoying themselves, too. I only put my feet in, but my whole body feels warmer and warmer.

Noboribetsu’s Natural Onsen Footbath is perfect for this time of year. There is more information at the website below.

However, there is no parking lot, so please enjoy the short walk!