Oni Hanabi and Hokkai Ideyu Daiko Show

We are very excited to announce that the schedule of events for this year’s Oni Hanabi (Demon’s Fireworks) is decided! We began hosting this special event in Noboribetsu Onsen in 2006, and each year we think it gets better and better.

Oni Hanabi in Jigokudani
The name of the nearby hot spring valley, Jigokudani, translates as Hell Valley, and each year the demons who live below it come to visit. We welcome them with a celebration of fireworks. We also thank Yukijin, the god who protects Noboribetsu Onsen, for his help this past year and to once again keep us safe from disease and disaster this year. Part of the celebration are the Tezutsu Hanabi (Gun Barrel Fireworks), a signature part of this local Noboribetsu event.

This will be our 14th celebration, making this a familiar favorite for locals and visitors alike.

We will hold a special opening ceremony on Saturday, June 1, and then the celebration will take place every Thursday and Friday until July 26. The fireworks will always be held near the Jigokudani Observatory and start around 8:30pm.

Hell Festival Opening Ceremony
Saturday, June 1
Jigokudani Observatory

Hell Festival Weekly Celebration
Every Thursday and Friday
Thursday, June 6 until Friday, July 26
Jigokudani Observatory

*Please note that the event may be cancelled due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances.

Hokkai Ideyu Daiko Show Schedule Change
Hokkai Ideyu Daiko Performance
7:50pm – 8:15pm
Saturday, June 1

Please come to Hokkaido and join us for these two amazing events!