Our Special Osechi Menu

Cold days continue here at Noboribetsu Onsen, which means it is perfect weather for a hot bath! Come relieve those stiff and cold bones!

It is time to share our special Osechi (New Year Menu) planfor the coming year. Each year, people enjoy our special menu, and we hope youwill also enjoy them, too. We try to combine traditional with a bit of glamorfor something special.

In the past, we used a double rectangle set of dishes, but this year we decided on a pair of octagon dishes as we feel it is an auspicious shape. The menu this year includes local ingredients such as Tokachi Herb Roast Beef and Hokkaido Whelk. It is a gorgeous meal sure to bring in the New Year with a deliciously enchanting feel.

Takimoto 2019 NewYear Menu
Shipping fee – Tax included, 30,000 yen
Limited quantities available.
We are happy to ship nationwide. *
*Except some isolated islands.

To Order
Call toll free 0120-479-600 between 11am and 6pm.
Contact: Ogawa-san
You may also order it from our online gift shop.
Please be aware that only a limited number are available. Please order early.