Perfect Winter Hot Pots

As the cold weather continues, these early days of the New Year continue to get colder and colder. The flu also seems to be going around, especially for those preparing for exams, so we hope everyone takes extra good care of themselves these days. With that in mind, we offer these warm and delightful winter hot pots that will stave off winter’s chill.

We will begin with the Deluxe version.

Each season the popularity of our special meals increases. We are delighted to find our guests enjoy these wonderful meals and seasonal, local ingredients. Also, there are a variety of dishes uses our drinking water.

First, we present our Tokachi Herbed Beef Lover Hot Pot.

The soup stock uses water from our Sodium Spring along with Noboribetsu Milk produced by Noboribetsu Dairy Farm. It has a mellow flavor perfect for enjoying in our deluxe rooms.

In our restaurant, Yunosato, guests can enjoy our Cod and Soft Cod Roe Lover Hot Pot.

It is said that the best season for cod runs from December to February, and for soft cod roe January is meant to be the ideal time. Please enjoy a pot densely packed with tender pieces of fish, soft and juicy roe, and seasonal vegetables.

Next, we will introduce the special menus prepared especially for those dining in their hotel rooms.

A very popular dish is Funka Bay Scallops Kamameshi, a rich version of a traditional rice dish using Hokkaido scallops mixed with savory rice. The rich buttery flavor of the scallops makes this a true winter delight. Served as a special room meal or as a special dish in our restaurant, Yunosato.

We hope you find our special winter dishes appealing, and we hope to see you here with us soon!

Dai-ichi Takimotokan Winter Meal
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*Until February 28, 2019