Sakura-michi – Misty Piano Salon’s Original Spring Cocktail

To celebrate spring, Misty Piano Salon has created an original sake cocktail, Sakura-michi (Path of the cherry blossoms) that captures the aromas and flavours of Hokkaido in spring.
A blend of Kunimare Junmai Ginjo sake and rice milk, both made in Hokkaido, with cherry syrup and white cacao liqueur, the subtle cherry and chocolate aromas and flavours, and light foamy mousse make it deliciously refreshing.
Perfect for welcoming the warmer days of spring.

The Kunimare Junmai Ginjo sake is brewed in Mashike in Northern Hokkaido, from rice polished to 60 per cent or less of its original volume to create its characteristic aromas and flavours.
In addition to this original sake cocktail, which is available only until 20 May, Misty has a superb selection of world-renowned Japanese whiskies, including Hokkaido’s fabled Yoichi Single Malt, as well as Roku Japanese Craft Gin, Champagne and wine, and more.

Treat yourself to a relaxing after dinner drink in the romantic art deco décor of Misty Piano Salon. You’ll find it on B1 Floor in the Main Building.

To enjoy spring in the Heart of Hokkaido, make a reservation at Takimotokan now. We look forward to seeing you soon.