Takimoto Special Ehomaki

January 20 is the day that in Japan is considered to be the coldest day of the year or daikan, while January 5 is thought of as shoukan or a day of minor cold. As these days go, we imagine ourselves springing from the cold, and begin to turn our attention to the next seasonal activities and holidays that mark the passing of the year.

It is also time to make special foods that are best prepared when it is cold, such as sake and miso.

However, the ultimate beginning of spring is Setsubun. A holiday that marks the division of the seasons, it always occurs on February 3 and is the last day before spring is said to begin. In Japan, traditional celebrations including throwing dried daizu (soy beans) out doors and windows and singing “Evil, out! Good luck, please come in!”

Dai-ichi Takimotokan Special Ehomaki

Another custom during Setsubun is to eat Ehomaki, a special sushi roll that is considered to be good luck. At Ideyu Soba, we will be offering Ehomaki for a limited time along with the usual array of tasty and satisfying Japanese foods. Ehomaki is usually eaten in silence while facing the direction of good luck for the year based on the Chinese zodiac. This year’s lucky direction is East-Northeast. The roll also contains seven ingredients, the same number as the lucky gods of Japan, and eaten uncut in order to not sever any relationships for the New Year. Our Ehomaki are 20cm long and include thick slices of tuna, crab, omelette, salmon roe, salmon, cucumber, shitake and rice all wrapped in rich green pieces of nori.

We look forward to celebrating Setsubun with you, and we wish you a wonderful and lucky year!

1,500 yen including tax and without miso soup.
Please note that this sale has ended.
Available for lunch or dinner.
*Quantities are limited, so please arrive early.
2019 Lucky Direction: East-Northeast