Takimoto Summer Festival Report

The Dai-ichi Takimotokan Summer Festival is finished. Held from Saturday, July 27 through Wednesday, August 14, it was a classic Hokkaido event at our ryokan onsen full of traditional fun. Of course, Takimaru-kun joined the Children’s Festival and has a lot to say about what happened!

He was excited to meet many of our young visitors during the Festival!

Everyone seemed happy to meet him, too!

Even though he is 161 years old in human years, Takimaru is still a demon child. To us, he appears as a child of about five or six.

Children like to have their photo taken with him, of course!

Many people rushed up to shake Takimaru-kun’s hand and have a little fun. A few were a little unsure of him, too, and couldn’t quite pass in front of him even though their parents were there to reassure them. We hope that next year, when they are a little older and feeling braver, Takimaru-kun looks forward to saying hello at last and playing with them!

Takimaru-kun was always surrounded by our visitors, which made us all happy. Many decided to take home a miniature version of him available in Yunomachi, our gift shop.
*The very small one is only available via a UFO-catcher game in our lower level.

We hope you will come to spend part of your summer in Noboribetsu Onsen with us! Come stay or visit just for a day. We will be more than glad to see you here!