The delicious tastes of summer in Hokkaido at Takimotokan

To celebrate the re-opening of Takimotokan we have launched our summer kaiseki menus. Created by our executive chef to capture the colours, aromas and flavours of summer in Hokkaido, they showcase quality Hokkaido produce from earth, land and sea.

A brief introduction to these delicious dishes is sure to whet the appetite. The hors oeuvres features delicious bite-sized morsels showing the diversity of Hokkaido produce, especially seasonal seafood. The Hokkaido Whelk is served with a dash of wasabi dressing; the Checkered Shrimp is prized for its sweetness as well as its distinctive pattern; The Grilled Sea Urchin Paste is a further taste exploration of clean, cold seas surrounding Hokkaido.

Naturally, the refreshing green of the great Hokkaido outdoors features in signature dishes like the ‘Hokkaido Abalone Steamed with Edamame Paste in Bekko Sauce.’ The small Hokkaido abalone, prized for its deep flavour, is paired with a paste of fresh green edamame, topped with grated daikon, and steamed. The mildly sweet bekko sauce, named for its tortoiseshell colour, adds a refreshing note.

For dessert, the melt-in-your-mouth Handmade Peach Mousse combines summer peach flavours with a touch of sweetness, topped with a dollop of mild cheese cream.

For our re-opening, Takimotokan is offering 6 different kaiseki menus – two special menus served exclusively in our stylish Yunosato restaurant, and featuring dishes cooked to order in the open kitchen; and four kaiseki menus for in-room dining, served in the privacy of your room, including a special Crab menu with five courses featuring a delicious variety of crab.

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