Dog-Friendly Superior South Building

Located in the South Building near the main entrance,
and is perfect for relaxing with a small family and your pet.

Sleeps 4 (26㎡)
N/A view
Convenient for outing
Dog-friendly Room Conditions ・The dog should be small to medium size and weigh no more than 15 kg.
・Limited to dogs that have been vaccinated for rabies and other standard vaccinations within the last year.
・Please bring a cage or carrier that encloses the whole dog, and use it when transporting your dog inside the building.
・Please do not let your dog outside the room unaccompanied. When eating or bathing, please have the dog stay in the room or arrange for someone to stay with the dog. Please do not use the room bath for the dog.
・We cannot accept dogs with a barking problem.
・Only dogs are accepted. No other kinds of pets are allowed
・The charge for each dog is 3,300 yen including tax.
Amenities Toothbrush / Hairbrush / Silicon-free shampoo / Silicon-free conditioner / Body soap / Hand soap / Vinyl clothes bag / Shower cap / Razor / Face towel / Bath towel / Bath mat
Facilities Unit bath / Air conditioner / Flat-screen TV / Safe / Refrigerator / Humidifier and air purifier / Warm water washing toilet seat
Other Comforton futon / Takimotokan original folded pillow / Takimotokan original feather comforter / Yukata / Yukata overcoat / Sandals / Slippers / Hair dryer / Deodorizer / Electric kettle / Mineral water / Green tea / Green tea cups / Glasses / Bottle opener / Shoehorn / One indoor crate[L90×W60×H59.5(cm)] / Drinking bowl for dog / 3 toilet sheets