Enjoy Noboribetsu Onsen’s local activities and sightseeing

Local nature and theme parks to visit.

Hell valley

Noboribetsu Onsen is known as “Jigokudani (Hell Valley).
After sunset, many paths are lit, creating a completely different atmosphere from a day visit.
7 minutes walk from Takimotokan

Sengen park geyser

At the top of main street, a statue of an ogre stands in Sengen Park.
Hot water is regularly gushing out from the geyser with a rumbling sound of the earth.
A place where you can feel the power of the earth.
2 minutes walk from Takimotokan


Enmado (God of Hell) is regular dislay.
Some children cry but adults are impressed by the action.
Please come and see it with your family.
2 minutes walk from Takimotokan

Oyunuma river natural footbath

After enjoying a stroll through Hell Valley the natural footbath
surrounded by nature is sure to relax and revive.
From Hell Valley via Oyunuma, and finally by natural footbath is a course of about one hour.
20 minutes walk from Takimotokan

Lake Oyunuma

A mysterious hot mud spring where steam rises.
If you walk from Jigokudani to Oyunuma on foot,
you can also view Oyunuma from above.
7 minutes by car from Takimotokan (Public parking is available)

Lake Kuttara

Lake Kuttarako (Lake Kuttara) is said to be the second clearest lake in Japan.
It is a caldera lake. You can enjoy kayaking.
15 minutes by car from Takimotokan

Shin-Noboribetsu bridge

This 240-meter-long vermilion arch bridge spans the Noboribetsu River valley.
In summer, enjoy the view of rolling hills of brilliant green.
During Autumn, the colorful poison ivy and maple trees create a patchwork if colour to captivate the seasons.
There is a parking lot near the bridge, so it is recommended to get out of your car and explore.
7 minutes by car from Takimotokan

Bear Park

Visitors can experience feeding the Hokkaido large brown bear
while observing closely from a “human cage”.
There are also cute little bears cubs depending on the season.
3 minutes by car from Takimotokan

Marine Park Nixe

Dolphin and sea lion performances plus a penguin parade.
The rare sardine performance is also well worth seeing.
The secret of its popularity is that there are many photo spots.
15 minutes by car from Takimotokan


Once you step inside, you are in the Edo period (1627~1875).
There are plenty of attractions such as ninja shows and nyanmage(cat samurai) traditional comedy.
Children of all ages will enjoy the visit.
15 minutes by car from Takimotokan


Would you like to learn more about the Ainu people, the indigenous people of Hokkaido?
In addition to the National Museum of the Ainu People, there is also a workshop where visitors can try their hand at mukkuri,
a traditional Ainu musical instrument, wood carving, and embroidery.
30 minutes by car from TAKIMOTOKAN

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Noboribetsu Country Club

The course is a magnificent, lush green with gently rolling,
wide fairways that are pleasant to play.
The proximity to the Noboribetsu Higashi Interchange makes early morning play comfortable.
10 minutes by car from TAKIMOTOKAN

Sanlaiva Ski field

Ski area with 7 trails. Snowboarding is also allowed on all courses.
In addition to skis and snowboards,
families with small children can rent sleds.
15 minutes by car from TAKIMOTOKAN

Noboribetsu has many family
friendly activities for adults and children.

adex base

adex base has activity guided tours of the beautiful nature all year round.
Available in Japanese and English guide.
Also, they offer an exclusive “onsen back of house experience” in Takimotokan tour.
1 minutes minutes from Takimotokan

Refer to adex web site.

Noboribetsu Off-Road Park

Visitors can experience ATVs throughout the year and
snowmobiles in winter.
Snowmobiling is especially fun in powdery Hokkaido.
Various courses are available for beginners and experienced riders.
10 minutes by car from TAKIMOTOKAN

Sun Child

The vast grounds offer a full day of fun for adults and children alike,
with park golf, ATVs, and soft ice cream in the summer, and sledding and snow rafting in the winter.
Visitors can also try feeding the animals in the mini zoo.
9 minutes by car from TAKIMOTOKAN


Eight horses and four ponies welcome you to the Horse Park.
Various menus are available, including a first-time
horseback riding experience and a pulling horse experience for children.
Of course, you can experience feeding the animals.
10 minutes by car from TAKIMOTOKAN

Hakucho Bridge Main Tower Climbing Cruise

Climb up the main tower of the Hakucho Bridge,
largest suspension bridge in East Japan.
This is a truly premium cruise, and
thrilling experience in normally inaccessible place!
50 minutes by car from Takimotokan


Our instructors will teach you how to kayak for the first time
so that you can experience it with ease.
Kayaking on Lake Kuttara, which boasts the second clearest water in Japan,is sure to be an addictive experience.


Noboribetsu Onsen has many ups and downs,
and electric-assist bikes are recommended for beginners.
It can be rented at the TAKIMOTO Inn across the street.

Star gazing

In the evening darkness, you can see a star-filled sky
as you head toward the Olofre Pass.
City people will be amazed by the brilliance of the night sky.


There are a variety of trails near Noboribetsu Onsen,
including Mt. Hiyori, which can be easily climbed, Mt. Orofure, and
Mt. Tarumae, which can be climbed in 1 to 2 hours. You can choose according to your mood and physical strength at the time.
In autumn, hiking slowly while enjoying the changing leaves is also recommended.

Night cruise

Muroran, also known as the steel city, is home to numerous factories
along its port.
Savor the panoramic nightscape that can only be witnessed from the sea.
Let’s go on instagrammable night cruise!
50 minutes by car from Takimotokan

Whether it’s Noboribetsu or Shiraoi, Hokkaido is full of delicious food